The target of the production are the television commercial, the commercial jingle, the radio commercial, the television program BG, the radio program BG, game music, event music and the music which related to the movie or the image, the logo of various general circulation products, the trademark, the title, the hanging roll, the frame and others.
And, we schedule animation production, too. Next time, when this home-page will renew,we will up load the sample.
In case of request, please give the production studio "MUSE HOUSE" ( = "MUSE HOUSE" the production section and "MUSE HOUSE" office)
a consultation freely by mail and so on. Its price and others are different on the contents of the consultation at that time. We can offer in low price in case of only music production or only calligraphy one (which includes a picture). But, when you ask for us the production of the synthesis art works which include the composition, the narration, the animation and so on, it is necessary the rental fee for one of the famous and giant studio in Osaka. However, we can contract in low price comparatively, because we use the studio of the friendship.