Ari is a painter who appeared in front of Ahomaru several years ago, when Ahomaru was resting at an antiqued tea house in the town.
April 2006, as
Ahomaru had called for help of the art production to Ari, he approved of the "MUSE HOUSE" home page, he was congenial to Ahomaru's intetion, too, and so started soon to draw some rough sketches.
Ari has known the Ahomaru's comfortable house which was antiqued and unreal, so he visits sometime there from the east in the twilight, makes himself for a while, and leaves there to the west.
Originally, "
Ari"has been his own nickname. "Tasogare-no"means "in the twilight". So, he is called"Tasogare-no-Ari"by the staffs.
Of course,
Ari has many achievements, for example, many characters of the public institutions. Moreover, Ari is just like an elder brother for Ahomaru in respect of his thoughts and senses. But Ari dosen't want to talk so much even to Ahomaru like a younger brother.
Ahomaru has never visited Ari's working studio, but Ari has told to Ahomaru his address and telephone number.
"Office ARI"(Tel.) 06-6881-0915, 090-8533-6450,